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Boston-Area EAAMO '21 Meet-Up

September 28, 2021

The inaugural ACM EAAMO is coming up this next week and I'm very much looking forward to the awesome program! While the virtual conference should be a blast, because we do have a critical mass in the Boston area and can gather with COVID-safe precautions, I'm organizing a one-day meet-up to watch conference talks, meet each other, and get back some of the perks of in-person conferences. Here's the deal—I'll provide the location and food, you just need to spread the word, follow COVID precautions, and attend! The event will take place on Friday, October 8th, at Boston University.

Location: Boston University Photonics Colloquium Room—Room 906, 8 St. Mary's Street, Boston.

Registration for the meet-up is free but required. The registration date has passed, but we still have space for you to attend, and we may even have food for you! Register here and I will follow up.

COVID precautions: BU requires that all visitors (1) have not received a positive COVID test in the past 14 days, (2) wear masks in all shared spaces indoors, and (3) answer "no" to the following question every day of visiting campus: "Have you experienced a new onset of any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days: fever of 100°F or feeling unusually hot with shivering/chills, sore throat, new cough not related to a chronic condition, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, severe fatigue, severe muscle aches, new loss of sense of taste or smell?" In addition, while it will not be enforced for you, all BU affiliates must test negative within the past seven days of being on campus, and I recommend this guideline for visitors as well. Please upload proof of vaccination with your registration.

See the EAAMO website to register for the conference itself and for more information on the conference.

Schedule for Friday, October 8th:

Time Event Authors
10:30–11:00 Breakfast
11:00–11:30 Keynote: Avinatan Hassidim
11:30–12:30Socializing and Poster Session 2
12:30–1:15 Session: Labor Markets and Education
12:30–12:46 Increasing the Demand for Workers with a Criminal Record Z. Cullen, M. Hoffman and W. Dobbie
12:46–1:02 A Market Design Solution to the Unequal Distribution of Teachers in Schools U. Dur, J. Combe, C. Terrrier, O. Terciux and U. Unver
1:02–1:18 Affirmative Action, Mismatch, and Economic Mobility after California's Proposition 209 Z. Bleemer
1:18–2:00 Lunch and Long Break
2:00–2:30 Keynote talk: Sylvia Ortega Salazar
2:30–3:00 Keynote panel: Eric Chan, Avinatan Hassidim, Sylvia Ortega Salazar
3:00–3:15 Short Break
3:15–4:19 Session: Admissions and Representation
3:15–3:31 An Algorithmic Framework for Positive Action O. Thomas, M. Zilka, A. Weller, and N. Quadrianto
3:31–3:47 Dynamic College Admissions and the Determinants of Students' College Retention T. Larroucau and I. Rios
3:47–4:03 Dropping Standardized Testing for Admissions Trades Off Information and Access N. Garg, H. Li and F. Monachou
4:03–4:19 Test-optional Policies: Overcoming Strategic Behavior and Informational Gaps Z. Liu and N. Garg
4:19–5:02 Session: Access to Schools
4:19–4:35 Catchment Areas, Stratification and Access to Better Schools C. Calsamiglia and A. Miralles
4:35–4:51 School Choice with Consent: An Experiment C. Cerrone, Y. Hermstrüwer and O. Kesten
4:51–5:02 School Choice and Housing Market A. Grigoryan
5:02–5:30 Snacks and mingling

Looking forward to seeing everyone! Please spread the word, and feel free to contact me at goldner [at] if there are any questions or concerns.

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