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Queer in TCS · June 21, 2023

TL;DR: A new google group for those who identify as queer within the TCS community, with the main intention for sharing opportunities and resources and potentially organizing meet-ups.    read more »

Living with Invisible Pain · May 20, 2023

Many people live with some sort of ongoing invisible pain or struggle. I thought I would write about my own journey. Migraines are debilitating "headaches" from which 14% of the world's population suffers, and 2% suffer from "chronic migraines," meaning they have migraines at least 15 days a month [AMF]. I am sad to say I am part of this unfortunate 2%, and I thought I would talk a bit about my experience, as well as some of my techniques for coping, in case there are others struggling with chronic migraines as well.    read more »

Every Academic Needs a Website · July 26, 2022

As I wrote in a twitter thread last week: "If you're an academic without a website, you don't exist. Doesn't matter if you haven't published yet, put up a website with your name, affiliation, EMAIL, advisor, research interests, and photo. Otherwise you can't be found." Today, I'll elaborate.   read more »

The Job Market (Part III) · March 18, 2022

Here is the much-delayed final installment about my job market experience. For all on the market this year, I hope you are near the end, and that you can begin your much-needed rest and healing. As someone who is a year out, I can promise you that the healing will eventually come—your soul and energy will return. Okay, here we go.

After You Get Offers: Declining, Withdrawing, Extending

Timing is everything when you're on the market. Trying to get schools to line up across one market is hard enough, let alone across multiple markets. And then having time? Not really a thing. Once you have offers, you might want to free up your time with respect to interviews that you already have scheduled, and you might want to make sure you're not wasting any political capital with places that are clearly dominated.   read more »

Starting In and Choosing a Research Area · February 12, 2022

When starting out in grad school, it can often feel like a lot of background is required in order to read papers or to be able to dive into a research problem. It's no longer the case that courses are readily available at your institution for every topic you might need to learn, and the collection of tools you might need could be a drawn from a variety of typical courses. The easiest way to enter new research areas is often to self-teach using resources found online, so it can significantly help to have a good suggestion on which materials to use. The resources listed below were collected by primary researchers in each of these areas.    read more »

Add BU CDS to your List! · September 13, 2021

Boston University recently initiated its Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences (CDS). It's essentially its own department, distinct from Computer Science, except it's higher level than a department—a department lives inside a college (of arts and sciences, or engineering), inside the university. The Faculty of CDS is just within the university directly, which removes bureaucratic barriers and makes interdisciplinary collaboration across fields easier. But, for ease of terminology, I'll call it a "department" to match the typical language.    read more »