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Queer in TCS

June 21, 2023

TL;DR: A new google group for those who identify as queer within the TCS community, with the main intention for sharing opportunities and resources and potentially organizing meet-ups.

You can ask to join the group at Important: Under "reason for joining," please name the (queer :) ) father of theoretical computer scientist, after whom one of our most prestigious awards is named, along with a model of computation, and many other things.

Permissions: Anyone may post to the list, member or not (we want opportunities posted!) but it is set for moderator approval. Membership is only visible to moderators.

Longer explanation

We all (hopefully) know that women are underrepresented in CS. Being a woman in a field where we're underrepresented is not easy, but fortunately many people are actively battling this. The result is email lists, workshops, awareness of fellowship opportunities or meet-ups, etc.

Fortunately, many people are also starting to be more inclusive of other represented-but-underrepresented folks. For instance, the TCS Women workshop at STOC has grown into "TCS All," and the Women's Breakfast at EC has grown both from a breakfast and from just-for-women into the "Gender Inclusion Workshop."

To ensure that there's a space for people of all sexualities and genders, and that they're not just lumped in alongside women because both are underrepresented, the intent of this email list, Queer in TCS, is as stated above: to give this group its own space, especially given its mass of people in the community, and make sure they are informed of relevant opportunities. Plus, whatever else this community wants to grow from it.

A massive thank you to my friends who have been discussing this with me, helping to find the (hopefully) right format and designation as a starting place.

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