Contacting Me

Unfortunately, I get more email than I can handle everyday. As a result, with high probability, I only respond to emails from people I know, or from people who have read this page. If we aren't already acquainted, please read the following before emailing me.

Looking to join our faculty? You can find information on our open positions here, and if you have further questions, you can contact our Associate Provost (effectively the department chair) Azer Bestavros at or our Director of Administration Chris Devits at Applications are reviewed by committee. After candidates have received an interview, I am happy to talk to them about my experience at BU. I also have a blog post about my experience on the job market which may be helpful.

Prospective visiting scholar or postdoc? If our research interests are close enough that I have cited your work or you have cited mine, please include specific information about that in your email.

Questions about my research? Like most academics, I love to discuss my research with someone who is building on my work. If you have a question about one of my papers, one of my projects, or a resource I've made available, please email me! For any paper of mine that is behind a pay-wall, it is also available from my website for free.

Prospective PhD student? For general questions about the PhD program in Computing & Data Sciences, please first read our webpage. If your question isn't answered there, please contact the CDS Academic Programs Manager at Please note that PhD admissions at CDS are done centrally by committee at the department level, and not by specific faculty members. Many more details about working with me as a PhD student are available here.

Prospective undergraduate student? For general questions about the Bachelors degree in Data Science, please first read our webpage. If your question isn't answered there, please contact our Undergraduate Academic Advisor Colleen Gilman at

Looking to hire CDS students? You can contact our Director of Administration Chris Devits at to have him advertise your job posting assuming it is a reasonable fit.

Looking to partner with CDS? CDS has an amazing program called Spark! which offers courses that are practicums, as well as internships and partnerships with industry practitioners. If you are looking to build a partnership with CDS, to potentially host CDS interns or otherwise, you can contact the Director of BU Spark! Ziba Cranmer at

Questions about a former experience of mine? Rather than email me, I'd prefer that you request/suggest a blog post on a specific topic here and include some specific questions or your email address in the suggestion, and if I write the post, I may follow up with you to see if you have other questions.

My email address is goldner [at] Please include the word "glockenspiel" in the subject line so that I know that you've read this page.